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The British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg (BIFFL) was started in 2010 and celebrates its 12th edition in 2021. It celebrates primarily independent film from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, across various genres, with 15-20 feature films screened during each festival, usually held in September. We also screen films in March (St Patrick’s Screenings) and, in 2019, also held a St George’s Screening in April.

While we focus on contemporary films, we also held Vintage Screenings in 2019 which were very popular. In addition, we regularly programme Documentary Double Bills and Irish-language films, as well as Luxembourg co-productions. We also organise workshops and seminars (our 2020 event was entitled Short Films: Business or Pleasure?), and we also screen a number of short films each festival, as well as Ciné Cuisine, e.g. receptions or a whiskey tasting, and we also hold Film Quizzes.

A central part of our festival is welcoming Special Guests (actors, directors, producers, script-writers) for post-screening Q&A sessions. From time to time we welcome other guests for events outside the main festival and, in 2020, welcomed the renowned Jim Sheridan for An Evening with Jim Sheridan in a fireside chat format, in collaboration with the Ireland Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

Please observe the festival schedule. A film will remain in your Library for 72 hours after it becomes available to watch, and for 48 hours after you begin watching.

For any queries, please visit our Festival Customer Support.


14-20 March 2021

Wildfire - BIFFL
1h 40m Drama, Irish Cinema 2020
The Winter Lake - BIFFL
1h 32m Drama, Thriller 2020

17 - 25 September 2021

To The Moon - BIFFL
1h 20m Documentary 2021
The Queen v Patrick O’Donnell - BIFFL
1h 29m Docudrama 2021
Untold Secrets - BIFFL
1h 24m Documentary 2021
Áine Tyrrell – Irish Troubadour - BIFFL
1h 8m Documentary 2021
Mountrath Unlocked - BIFFL
53m Documentary 2021
Phil Lynott: Songs for While I’m Away - BIFFL
1h 52m Documentary 2021
Men Who Sing - BIFFL
1h 16m Documentary 2021
Lost Lives - BIFFL
1h 29m Documentary 2019
Here Before - BIFFL
1h 23m Thriller 2021
Brief Encounters - BIFFL
1h 44m Irish Cinema, Shorts 2020

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