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Wildfire - BIFFL

1h 40m Drama, Irish Cinema 2020

Born within a year of each other, Lauren and Kelly are ‘Irish twins’. You would never see one without the other, but over the years, the mystery of their mother’s death tears them apart.

Kelly, keen to escape their insular town, disappeared a year ago and Lauren’s life has been on hold since reporting her sister missing. When Kelly unexpectedly returns, Lauren must decide to confront their mother’s past with Kelly or risk losing her for good.

Tickets are limited for this event so, to avoid disappointment, please pre-book.
Available to rent until 17:00 March 22, 2021 (CET) Please visit the How to Guide for watch windows during your rental.


Nora-Jane Noone (Lauren) , Nika McGuigan (Kelly)


Cathy Brady


David Collins


Charles Steel

Director of Photography

Crystel Fournier





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