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The Winter Lake - BIFFL

1h 32m Drama, Thriller, Irish Cinema 2020

Withdrawn teenager Tom (Anson Boon) and his mother Elaine (Charlie Murphy) abandon troubled lives in England to find refuge in an old house in rain-sodden rural Ireland. Their relationship is fraught as Elaine becomes frustrated with Tom’s lack of communication. His aimless days are interrupted when he discovers a sack containing the bones of a baby in a local lake. Some distraction is offered by their new neighbours, single father, Ward (Michael McElhatton) and his daughter Holly (Emma Mackey). Elaine is attracted to Ward and Tom to the enigmatic and worldly Holly but both resist intimacy as they endeavour to keep their dark secrets hidden.

This impressive feature debut maintains a taut atmosphere of menace throughout and elicits four finely nuanced character studies from its strong cast.

Available to rent until 17:00 March 22, 2021 (CET) Please visit the How to Guide for watch windows during your rental.


Anson Boon (Tom) , Emma Mackey (Holly) , Charlie Murphy (Elaine) , Michael McElhatton (Ward)


Phil Sheeran


Ruth Treacy


Julianne Forde

Director of Photography

Ruairí O’Brien




Ireland, Canada

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