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The Funeral Director (2019)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 22m

This Director’s Cut of Gillian Marsh’s portrait of David McGowan, a Sligo funeral director, confronts the business of death, and how it is ritualised within Irish society, where we are known to grieve better than anyone else. With unprecedented access to the procedures, science and etiquette of the funeral director, we follow David as he shares frequently profound perspectives on death and bereavement. The gravity of his day job is relieved by a remarkable friendship with a soon-to-be client and by an eccentric hobby involving glamping and 747s. This life-affirming story, full of empathy, humour, and unexpected revelation demystifies the fate that awaits us all.


Gillian Marsh


Gillian Marsh


Gretta Ohle






GMarch TV

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