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Skin+Soul (2020)

  • Documentary, F-Rated
  • 59min

In her debut feature Nic Chormaic celebrates acclaimed photographer Perry Ogden and reveals how his search for beauty in unexpected places has created some of the art and fashion world’s most enduring images.

Tracing Ogden’s career from Etonian schoolboy photographing Andy Warhol for a school magazine to internationally renowned fashion photographer and portraitist of some of the world’s most iconic figures, the film presents a sumptuous array of images alongside fashion shoots and quiet conversational moments. Ogden considers his innovative practice of working with non-models - Navajo Indians in Monument Valley and, over several years, brothers Liam and Paddy Doran, Travellers from Kildare – and his interest in marginalised groups evident in his book Pony Kids (1999) about Smithfield horse fair and in his feature drama Pavee Lackeen (2005).

Funded under the Arts Council’s Reel Art Scheme.





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