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IFI Collection A-Z

A Doctor's Sword
1h 10m Documentary, Animation 2015
A Vision: The Life and Death of W.B.Yeats
1h 15m Documentary 2013
Animal Kingdom
2h 0m Experimental, Art 2017
An Irish Music Trilogy: 3Triúr (In Search of Musical Form)
55m Documentary, Music 2012
An Irish Music Trilogy: Aisling Gheal
1h 20m Documentary, Music 2013
An Irish Music Trilogy: From Coolea To Iona (Ó Chúil Aodha go hOileán Í)
53m Documentary, Music 2014
An Irish Music Trilogy Bundle
3 Oggetti
The Beholder
1h 0m Documentary 2010
Between Land and Sea
1h 27m Documentary, Sport 2016
Blood Rising
1h 15m Documentary 2013
Brief Encounters: IFI & WFTI Short Film Showcase
1h 37m Drama, Documentary 2020
Broken Song
1h 6m Documentary, F-Rated 2013
Build Something Modern
1h 10m Documentary, F-Rated 2010
The Camino Voyage
1h 35m Documentary 2017
Citizen Lane
1h 20m Documentary 2018
Dark Horse on the Wind
1h 49m Documentary, Music 2022
The Devil's Pool
30m Documentary, F-Rated 2014
The Door Ajar
1h 23m Documentary 2011
Dreamtime Revisited
1h 16m Documentary 2012
A Far Green Country
1h 15m Documentary 2021
The Far Side of Revenge
1h 12m Documentary, F-Rated 2012
Floating Structures
1h 4m Documentary 2018
Frederick Douglass and the White Negro
52m Documentary, Irish Film 2008
The Funeral Director
1h 22m Documentary, F-Rated 2019
Further Beyond
1h 30m Documentary, F-Rated 2015
The Great Wall
1h 12m Documentary 2014
How To Tell A Secret
1h 39m Documentary, Irish Film 2022
The Image You Missed
1h 13m Documentary 2018
Imagining Ulysses
1h 30m Documentary, F-Rated 2004
Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien
1h 30m Documentary 2010
Kevin Roche: The Quiet Architect
1h 22m Documentary 2017
1h 28m Drama 2007
1h 7m Experimental, F-Rated 2022
1h 6m Documentary 2013
Out of Innocence
1h 50m Drama 2016
Phantom Islands
1h 26m Documentary 2018
Photo City
1h 20m Documentary 2017
1h 18m Documentary, Sport 2008
The Science of Ghosts
1h 19m Documentary, Music 2018
Silent Grace
1h 27m Drama, F-Rated 2001
The Silver Branch
1h 15m Documentary, F-Rated 2017
59m Documentary, F-Rated 2020
Syria The Impossible Revolution
1h 31m Documentary 2018
Talking To My Father
1h 30m Documentary 2014
Teach Ionadh / Wonder House
1h 10m Documentary, F-Rated 2011
Tim Robinson Connemara
57m Documentary 2011
Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock Story
1h 20m Documentary, Sport 2014
We Are Moving - Memories of Miss Moriarty
1h 5m Documentary, F-Rated 2016
Welcome to the Dark Ages
1h 22m Documentary 2019

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