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Joe Comerford has worked as an independent director in Ireland for over 50 years producing work that is distinguished by its cinematic subversion and social commentary, with a trademark twinning of film narrative and visual-aural abstraction.

His films focus on socially-marginalised characters –destitute men, drug users, aimless youths, Travellers, prisoners and women in the midst of crisis pregnancies. His two cinema features Reefer and the Model (1988), a comedy-crime thriller and High Boot Benny (1993), a drama set against the backdrop of the Troubles, are both shot through with his distinctive political and social analysis.

Alternating between feature films with a narrative bias, and shorts which tend towards abstract painted imagery, Comerford has declared that his longer-term objective is to tell a story by combining the two strands into a ‘painted feature’.


Joe Comerford Retrospective

Bundle: Joe Comerford
Down the Corner
56m Drama 1977
1h 20m Drama 1982
High Boot Benny
1h 20m Drama 1983
Reefer and the Model
1h 20m Drama 1989
Joe Comerford Short Films
56m Short Film 1971

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