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The Far Side of Revenge

1h 12m Documentary, F-rated 2012

Margo Harkin’s powerful documentary is one part in a body of her work that has chronicled the Northern Irish Troubles from  12 Days in July  (1997) to Bloody Sunday – A Derry Diary  (2010). A study on reconciliation, it also experiments with visual style for the first time since her debut feature film  _Hush a Bye Baby_ (1990).  The Far Side of Revenge follows dramatist Teya Sepinuck and a group of Northern Irishwomen as they develop a project presenting their own, often shocking, stories to the public. The group from politically diverse backgrounds includes Kathleen, whose husband was blown up by the IRA in 1990 and Anne, a former quartermaster in the IRA, whose uncle was murdered by the British Army on Bloody Sunday in 1972. Harkin’s documentary delivers an insight into a process of creation where the pain of individual stories is counterbalanced by the bond that develops between the women.


Margo Harkin


Margo Harkin





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