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Redemption of a Rogue - SF Irish Film (2021)

  • Drama, Black Comedy
  • 1h 33m

Dishevelled Jimmy Cullen returns to Co Cavan after seven years of exile to make peace with his dying father and seek redemption for past sins before he too bids this world farewell. Moments after his arrival, his father breathes his last and a steady rain begins to pour. A condition in his will reveals that he must not be buried on a wet day or Jimmy and his brother will be disinherited. With no sign of the rain abating, Jimmy embarks on an existential journey to make amends and ultimately redeems himself through love.

In this bold, darkly-comic debut, Cavan native Philip Doherty has captured the austere beauty of the county and the claustrophobic, often surreal texture of smalltown life with pin-sharp precision.

This title features strong violence, language, sex references and suicide themes which may upset some viewers.


Philip Doherty





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