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Mise Éire

1h 30m Documentary, History 1959

Produced by the pioneering Irish language filmmakers Gael Linn, Mise Éire, draws almost exclusively on contemporaneous newspapers, newsreels and actuality footage from the early years of Ireland’s revolutionary period to present a moving-image history of that time. Seán Mac Réamoinn’s commentary chronicles historical moments from the last years of the nineteenth century through to the 1916 Rising and concluding with Sinn Fein’s electoral victory in 1918, a triumph that would be a precursor to revolution. The film’s approach to this history is to celebrate as heroes and martyrs those who involved themselves in the radical nationalist movement with Seán Ó Ríada’s memorable score amplifying the tone of hope and patriotism. The film is notable for the invaluable work of archival salvage undertaken by Morrisson in identifying and preserving moving images in Irish and British collections to create this feature length montage.


George Morrison


Seán Ó Ríada





Bonus Content

Lorg na gCos: Súil Siar ar Mise Éire


Lorg na gCos: Súil Siar ar Mise Éire explores Gael Linn’s seminal documentary film Mise Éire through the eyes of its director, George Morrison; key creative personnel behind the production; and ordinary Irish people who experienced the film upon its theatrical release in 1960.

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